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Patrik Patrik


Seeing the bigger picture and putting two and two together - this is Patrik - the "Visionary". The general of logistics is capable of presenting an idea but is ridiculously terrible at putting it into practice.

Peter Peter


Being able to dig under the surface of the earth just to find out it’s pretty dark down there - that's Peter - the "Doer". On any occasion he either finds a way or make one. Peter is the one who gets the job done. Just like Joe Pesci.

Lucia Lucia


Living in the world of theoretical possibilities, seeing what others can’t see - this is her world. Meet Lucia, the "Thinker". Lucia's mind is constantly working and can never resist an intelectual challenge.

Team Member 3 Lucia


Our "Caregiver". When the team needs anything, she is up for the task. Kind and altruistic person, mood-lifting lady, warmly protecting and defending her loved ones.

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